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    28, 2018 from 17:00 to 19:00

    By still food if water catering planning agency

    Guangdong P&T Porcelain Co. ,Ltd

    Jointly organized

    Guangzhou jiuzhuangjiu import trade co. LTD

    Guangzhou ersha island rose garden restaurant

    Co-organizedthe 3rd foodand beauty contest

    Inside the rose garden restaurant of ersha island in yuexiu district, guangzhou

    Go ahead as planned



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    This activity, brought together each well-known figure inside guangzhou food circle



    Food and beauty equipment dinner scene layout

    Elegant and atmospheric banquet layout to create a sense of summer top dinner atmosphere

    Li bai shiyun: "the gold bottle is worth ten thousand wine, the jade plate is worth ten thousand money." He told us to match wine with "gold bottles" and to adorn the delicacies with "jade plates". Du fu describes the luxury and beauty of the table in the tang dynasty. There are also poetic clouds: "purple camel of the peak out of cuiao, water quality of the dish scale." The hump is really delicious. When it is cooked, it is served on the table with an emerald green jade cauldron. The steamed fish is served in a crystal clear plate and presented to the dignitaries.

    Tableware material is qualitative by pottery, copper, gold, silver, lacquer ware, jade, enamel, development is popular now stainless steel, high model, it may be said to be extremely colorful show. But the tableware that does not have a kind of qualitative ground, can use as wide as porcelain, strong vitality. It is strong and durable, not easy to absorb water, clean and beautiful, refined and popular. Thus no matter home or management restaurant, like to use porcelain mostly.

    Gourmet beauty apparatus

    Chinese food culture has a long history. Among them, dining utensils have always been regarded as an important part of food culture. Ancient poem cloud: "the grape wine night light cup", see "delicacy" and "beautiful implement" the lip tooth relation.

    In fact, from ancient to modern use of tableware, participation in the wrong and neat uniform is parallel. According to time, place, specification, dish of different, clever cook often changes tableware, do one's best because of time different, because of person different, because of scene different, because of mat different, give a person with the aesthetic feeling on the vision.

      Dishes and containers in the concrete coordination of the situation is also very complex. The combination of different shapes, different colors and different pictures with the same dish will produce very different visual effects. On the contrary, the same container with different colors, shapes of a variety of dishes, will also produce a variety of aesthetic effects. Different texture, shape and color have different aesthetic impression with the container decorated by the picture.


    Talk about delicious food

    This activity opens, the sponsor surrounds this activity

    Share the main meaning of gastronomic delicacy craft activity for everyone

    Share with you from zero distance

    "New consumption, new catering, new creativity"


    Dinner theme menu

    Experience the top cuisine and taste the new cantonese cuisine


    Dig the delicious summer feast, the fine dig China

    Based on local materials, lingnan seasonal ingredients

    Break through the limited thinking of cuisine

    Innovative and trendy cuisine - southeast Asian flavors

    Create new artistic dishes with ingenuity

    Perfect combination of delicious food

    Open the collision of taste buds

    Inspired the development and creation of the restaurant food and beauty ware

    Porcelain is like a beautiful dowry, packing dishes, but also life.

    Tableware, although itself can not eat, but it brought beauty, brought taste, it is a dish of dowry.

    Cool tender liver appetizer


    Chrysanthemum old chicken oysters tea



    Double flavour and Cheese rolls


    Dismantled sea crab oil and salt rice


    Intoxicated conch with small Capsicum


    Low temperature and slow roasting of

     red spotted fish with shrimp juice


    Small boiled bean curd with lime


    Fried black peppers with black pine sauce


    Reed sea salt baked shallots white fish

    This dish is Chen jianyu master in the kitchen temporarily conceived, years of experience accumulation into an instant inspiration


    Mango goose volume

    Adopt local season products to create new integrated flavor


    Chef Italian cuisine fashion designer Chen jianyu prepared 16 dishes with 30 guests' tastes in just over 2 hours for the sharing 

    Chen Jianyu

    Creative chef fashion designer

    Mr. Chen jianyu has been engaged in fashion and food design for 16 years. He once went to Singapore to communicate and learn from foreign masters. Three years later, he returned to China to start cooking shows.

    As a professional, he will naturally pay attention to the visual experience of everything around him, the overall beauty, and consider whether he can join in the food design. The most direct is to experience the color and aroma of the food you can find, in life, in travel, in casual moments.

    He constantly finds new things in life and thinks constantly, in order to satisfy the aesthetics and taste of food comprehensively from vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

    He not only studies the cuisine with profound skills, but also studies the latest fashion trends. He will adjust the style of dishes according to the style of the restaurant, so that it contains several elements such as fashion, feature and earthliness at the same time.

    "As a chef, what I enjoy most is the look and the thumbs up of the customer after the first bite," he said. I want to do better." "I look for the twinkle in their eyes and create the dishes that make their eyes shine.

    This is, "my career. Yeah, my attitude."


    At the scene of the dinner


    To pursue the best dining experience, the guzheng performance is integrated in the process

    Just jump on the notes and feel the taste buds of Miriam


    Raise a glass together, by the delicacy fete reunion know each other


    While tasting delicious food, we exchange ideas with each other




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    Attractedguangdong TV station business travel program

    Yangcheng metro's joint report 

    And this activity, also will be in in the near future

    Guangdong TV southern TV

    Guangdong TV TV channel

    Dual channel broadcast

    And the whole network platform, catering we media platform simultaneously reported

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    June is about to launch the fourth issue of delicious food

    Learn about the event in advance

    The organizers


    Guangdong P&T Porcelain Co. ,Ltd & food and beverage planning organization

    Hand-in-hand master

    28 a month

    Meet the catering elite on time

    Please contact Mr. Xu xiang for details: 13602741583

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